What We Do?

Are you wondering about the front end and back end software suite we use?

  • We apply the latest frameworks like React JS, Vue JS, besides Angular JS, along with Python, PHP, CSS, HTML.
  • We build dynamic, scalable and highly responsive web applications.
  • We ensure that your website can be launched in record-time.

As a revered custom web application development company, Ignitelogix continuously focuses on evolving its software stack and inventory of technology tools.

We generally implement Jira or Basecamp to execute project management aspects with a highly professional perspective. We consistently deliver feature-rich hiring models for our clients.

Why Choose Us?

Are you pondering about the reasons to choose us for accomplishing your project? There are strong, prominently practical reasons to choose our web development services. Our professionals have several years of experience working in the industry. We exactly know the pulse of the market and can prepare you well to reap benefits in a competitive environment with advanced technological applications.

As a reputed web development company, we are aware of the evolution in development stack of software and frameworks, implementing them in creating effective products for your business. You will always be one step ahead of your competitors when you work with us. Our web application development ensures that your platform is responsive on a cross-platform variety without any glitches.

We positively commit to a non-disclosure agreement with transparent authorization that comes into the scene when we sign the deal. As a highly responsible web application development company, we give priority to regulatory obligations and industry standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered all the FAQs below. Please have a look. If you can not find what you are looking for then feel free to contact us using the 'Get In Touch' form provided below.

Do you exclusively sign and commit to an authorized Non-disclosure Agreement?
Yes, we mandatorily sign an authorized non-disclosure agreement. We do it with all our clients.
What are the tools that support your project management strategies and implementation?
We generally use Jira, Basecampor such apps for project management purposes, regularly updating you about each progressing phase of the development process.
What types of security measures are taken to keep my app secure, safe and stable?
We take the following measures within the processes -
1) Applying for exclusive signature-based legal permissions.
2) Disallowing any access to the application’s content providers.
3) Applying network security strategies.
4) Securing office environment with strict monitoring. 
Are there provisions of flexible and feature-rich hiring models in your services?
Yes, we do have robust, and highly-efficient hiring models in engaging frameworks for our clients. There is a total of 5 hiring models, distinctly defining the collaboration dynamics of your business and our management and developer teams. The models render the same level of output-transparency, besides top-quality deliverable, irrespective of their separate individual identities.

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