Sending feature update emails to users

Sending this emails is important for service based websites. It helps companies to introduce new features to their users. It can also be used to provide users with feature tutorials. This processes can be implemented using simple software solutions that can run independently. This processes can automatically be triggered on new releases. This process can pick all the unpublished change log items, formats it and sends it to your system users.

Payroll Handling

There are many pre-build tools available to manage payroll like Deluxe, Gusto and others to account the salaries, tax and also benefits. You can also get one custom build with support of ACH services.

Sending sales data to accountants

You can get an system build that can accumulate all the daily / weekly / monthly sales by querying your database, format them as needed by accountants (eg. sales journals, payment journals, invoice reports) and send it to them via password protected excel files or any other secure medium. There are similar software solutions available that you can buy or subscribe.

Mailing Address verifications / corrections

A simple software solution can be built that runs a timely process to verify and correct all newly registered mailing addresses by checking them against address data source APIs like, or USPS. Having perfect addresses will also help you save money on postal services.

Sending digest emails to subscribers

Sending digest emails can be automated by having a similar solution as above that picks ups all the topics / articles from current time frame, formatting them and sending it to subscribers.

Sending special offers and discounts emails to customers

Sending sales emails can be also be automated by having a similar solution as above that queries all the products available on discounted prices, aggregating and detailing them and sending it to potential customers.

Thank you for reading my blog. I will be publishing more blogs on above mentioned tools and their simple implementations.

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