Websites are the main window for any virtual shop. Top online businesses that have successfully established themselves as big eCommerce players have taken the help of on-page SEO which ensured digital footfalls to increase. As such, businesses lookout for an eCommerce Website Development Company that can design the website as per their requirement.

The pandemic has led people to limit physical interactions leading to an increase in e-commerce retail sales. Operators in the brick-and-mortar stores had to scale down their physical business and move online. The supply-side saw an increase in online demand for the food supply chain, including groceries. While leisure and travel were affected, even demand for medicine increased online. In 2020, in the USA, food, and grocery non-store retailers saw growth of nearly 16%. Almost 10 million credit cardholders in Japan saw increased online usage suggesting the impact of B2C eCommerce. 

Why is your eCommerce Website design crucial?

Your eCommerce website is an online store. The website design needs to be appealing to the visitors eye and trustworthy, just like an inviting brick and mortar stores attractive frontage. Nearly  75% of the audience judge the credibility of the website by its appearance or web design. If the visitors do not trust the website, it impacts everything – from traffic to sales. 

For eCommerce companies, the business health is critically dependent on the ability of its website to perform. Templated solutions like Wax, Shopify are not enough. One needs a Custom eCommerce Development to ensure the website is optimized enough for short-term gains, for example, conversions and sales and long-term effects like Branding. 

So how does one get a share of the global retail eCommerce sales of  $29 trillion with an eCommerce website that does not inspire visitors? As per statistics, nearly 60%  of online shoppers believe that website usability is essential when purchasing.

Tips for converting visitors to customers 

If you are a small business that cannot afford the besteCommerce development company, ensure that the independent software developer you hire keeps in mind the following critical factors that need to be solved first. 

Compatible mobile design Today, people use mobile devices a lot. Mobiles are used for everything, starting from online banking transactions to shopping for any specific item. The instant gratification behavior of consumers means that before they have visited a business website, they make a purchase. 

So, ignoring mobile devices for an eCommerce site is out of the question. Hence, mobile-compatible website design is not an afterthought. It should be the first thing your eCommerce developer does. Mobile optimization comes second!

1) Secured website 

Surveys have shown that nearly 84% of the visitors abandon the purchase if they find that the website was insecure. It is already a fact the conversion rates are higher for HTTPS sites than HTTP sites. Therefore, making a website secure, especially an eCommerce website, customers must be made to feel that their financial information data is protected. 

2) Easy navigation 

A user experience can be well-optimized by easy navigation that ensures minimal clicks in the entire workflow - from browsing a product to payment and check out. An eCommerce website must ensure that its performance is not limited to smooth navigation only for users but conversions as well.  

Hire eCommerce developers who guarantee Security

A Custom eCommerce Development service provider is the one that follows a business model based on boosting conversions and enhancing sales on the eCommerce website. As conversion is attached to the trust factor, even more than the website design, the credibility of the webpage is more or less security-centric. 

The global increase in online hacking on even retail chain websites has put users data at risk. Getting the Website development company to integrate SSL security into the website and assure visitors that the transactions are secure is compulsory.

Integrating SSL enables 

HTTPS, by default, is a big confidence booster for visitors. Toda eCommerce website security is not an option but a necessity in the digital economy. 


If you plan to make a new eCommerce website or redesign an existing one, ensure that the critical aspects discussed above are incorporated other than the looks, designs, and speed at which the web pages load.

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