The exponential rise in the eCommerce business over the last decade has made one thing clear. Your business website is a virtual showroom. It is now considered the main window for online shopping. Online businesses are only successful if the brand is visible and has a reach among the audience. Having put all the features and products on your website leads to static reach out to consumers. 

The question now arises, why do you need blogs on your website in the first place? The reason is simple. Digital footfalls increase on your website thanks to the Google algorithm, which focuses on such activity. So, when you are planning or upgrading your website, ensure that your eCommerce Web Development Services has a blog section on the website template

Two features which is a must for an eCommerce website – Blog section and SSL certification

It is not just that web traffic you want to draw because your site is secure, but you will be able to enjoy many other benefits if your eCommerce Website has provision for a blog. Let us find out how.

Search Engine Optimization is the key : Adding blogs to websites does not only open up avenues for increasing web traffic, but it also provides an opportunity to add more content. If the content is optimized well and updated constantly and consistently can attract visitors. Most importantly, having a blog section will not cost a fortune but adds depth to the website. Additionally, sharing blog posts on other social media platforms highlighting your business will increase the chances of being noticed.

1) Establish core competencies

When placing an order for a new website with eCommerce Development Services or upgrading an existing one, one must spell out that the website design layout is interactive and user-friendly. Having regular blogs featuring on websites adds value to the business and can even be an influencer for the products and services. For instance, you can add a trick and tip section or FAQs to add better value to readers.

2) Keeps your Readers on the Page and Reduces Bounce Rate

Having a reader-friendly web design will ensure that visitors remain on the pages for long durations. Stories, whether anecdotal or first-hand experience, makes blogs interesting. They entice readers to come back to websites for more. Having regular fresh content blogs updated also helps Google notice and improve the website ranking.

3) Improves Conversion Rates by Encouraging Appropriate CTA Requests

Having a workable eCommerce website design is crucial with the appropriate CTA or Call-to-Action buttons so that readers can make prompt decisions. If there are fresh contents to offer, have accurate and valuable information for your readers. Make this approach a USP that makes the blog stand out from the rest. The results often seen is that conversion rates improve.

One needs to be aware of the market trends and ensure that their blogs are relevant for attracting traffic and adding fillip to revenue generation.

4) Increases website traffic with SSL integration 

When SSL technology took shape, IT professionals mainly used it for whatever reasons they had in mind for a security protocol. Today, this technology is extensive across business domains. It is used by business developers, marketers, or anyone who feels that secure server to browser transaction is critical. 

Digital transactions have increased exponentially over the past few years. The total online transactions made were valued at $5,44 trillion in 2020. The projections for the next five years are 11.29 trillion by the end of 2026 with an annual CAGR OF 11.21%. With this exponential growth, online transactions will rise in the future. Such situations indicate better management of customer data. For instance, the personal information of the customers like credit card details and passwords are to be secured on the browser, and web server such as the eCommerce site. 

Role of SSL in eCommerce Development Solutions

SSL is more than a security protocol these days. E-commerce developers use SSL as a critical solution for an eCommerce business to gain customer trust, increase their brand image, and ensure secure transactions. For optimizing the website, SSL is now a marketing tool that boosts website search rankings. 

With this in mind, eCommerce Development Solutions and other cloud-based service providers have started offering SSL directly to their clients as a value-added service. The security solutions ensure robust security protocols and encryptions. For eCommerce website users, they get complete security during account creation, browsing, and online transactions.


If you are not sure how to transform your business into an online domain, you are not alone. Despite eCommerce growing by 23%  in 2020, many business ventures are still not online. 

If there is one thing that all statistical data, reports, and trends are screaming, eCommerce is no longer a choice; it is a necessity. The future of company growth or even its survival depends on it. 

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