During the lockdown, online transactions increased exponentially as people were forced to stay away from brick-and-mortar outlets. eCommerce stores were in big demand as people shopped online. One of the most significant impacts seen is the growth of grocery items. From 2019 to 2020 the online grocery spending increased by 133%. Even items that were unimportant before saw a different dynamic play out.  People needed haircuts and that too at home.  Items like hair clippers, beard trimmers, hair colors demand increased.  Data from Neilson showed hair clipper sales jumped by 166%  in April 2020.

The Data also highlighted how the change in consumer online search behavior throughout 2020. For example, the grocery items were searched under the following categories:

  • Organic increased by 163% 
  • Plant-based increased by 148% 
  • Gluten-free increased by 99% 
  • Vegan increased by 88% 

Overall, global e-commerce sales jumped to $26.7 trillion in 2020, up to four percent from a year earlier.

The downside for such online demand was that Ecommerce stores were unable to handle the increased volume. Earlier eCommerce stores were stable and operated smoothly with the predicted business volume ensured by the existing eCommerce platform.  The sudden spike in traffic led to the eCommerce website compromised performance as many websites were built on the CMS platform. There were scalability issues, slow loading time, supply chain affected by lockdowns.  

Why is a Custom eCommerce Development approach required?

The existing CMS-based platforms are not so adaptive and work well for small and mid-sized businesses.  Some of the problems that were observed like  

  • Higher Traffic load

Earlier sellers on eCommerce platforms knew the products people bought. Now the consumer purchasing pattern behavior is unpredictable, leading to traffic spikes.

  • Website performance 

Many new products are selling more online, resulting in websites traffic increasing and leading to longer loading time. This is an important factor for consumers as smooth navigation is customer expectation. Any shortfall leads to higher bounce rates. An eCommerce website Development Company knows the fragile attention span of customers and the impatience behavior they exhibit. For them optimizing a website is the most important factor as this only leads to higher traffic, better customer experience, and increased SEO rankings. 

  • Scalability 

Addressing this factor is inevitable whenever website traffic grows. The increase in customers requires storing more brands, products, merchant establishments like cards, ability to process increased orders and transactions. The scalable templates, data, information all require the eCommerce website platform to upgrade itself. For such enhancements, a custom eCommerce development ensures it is taken care of. 

  • Supply Chain 

During the lockdown, the supply chain was affected, leading sellers to manage the available products on its website. In this somewhat fluid situation, fixing these problems can be handled better with custom eCommerce development than a store created with CMS.

How developing a custom eCommerce store is beneficial?

Ecommerce website owners are not programmers, and they Hire eCommerce developers to migrate from CMS platform to a custom eCommerce store when the website business grows.  It is seen that the CMS platform performance gets affected once website traffic crosses one million visitors or the number of product items crosses 50,000. This is because of technology constraints that have limited scalability options. If one wants to build an eCommerce store known globally, then CMS is not the solution. 

For an e-commerce website to have optimum performance, certain factors are critical:

  1. Bounce rates:  This is when a visitor leaves a web page as soon as they open it.
  2. Website Time: This shows the time spent by a visitor on a webpage per day.
  3. Overall performance metrics of the website are shown by Google PSI (Page Speed Insight). The higher the PSI, the better is the website ranking, leading to better AdWords performance.

The AdWords performance also increases in direct proportion to the PSI. AdWords estimates a website landing page experience. If it is high on ranking, then it prefers ads over the competitors’ ones. A Custom eCommerce website development company helps to achieve it. 

So how does one know which best eCommerce development company to approach? 

The expert main objective is to make the eCommerce website successful. The key features they emphasize are:

  • Design
  • SEO
  • Online Marketing
  • Security  
  • Trust


This article has highlighted why a custom eCommerce development is better than CMS-based solutions for scalability and flexibility issues.  It is seen that customization helps to boost customer website user experience and improve SEO performance. The result is growth in sales over a short time.

Jalpesh Shah

Big Data Architect

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