But with the growing business, new opportunities, and bigger challenges, the volume, variety, velocity, and validity of business data are increasing with every passing day. This is posing a huge challenge to business organizations to manage the data and get the relevant business insights and intelligence from it.

This is what has led conglomerates to harness the power of big data analytics. Big Data Analytics Systems and Solutions utilize state-of-the-art software tools and applications for prognostic analytics, optimization, anticipation, and data extraction.

What is Big Data Analytics?

Big data analytics is the approach of analyzing and assessing big data to reveal concealed information, such as hidden patterns, customer inclinations, correlations, and market trends, that go a long way in helping organizations make apprised business decisions. It involves multifaceted applications with features such as analytical models, arithmetic algorithms, and what-if evaluations powered by big data and analytics systems.

How are Big Data Analytics Systems Important?

Big data companies harness the analytical power to identify new business opportunities that lead to smart business moves and efficient operations. Tom Davenport – IIA Director of Research – stated the following importance of big data analytics systems in his report Big Data in Big Companies:

  • Cost Efficiency: Big data analytical tools bring across significant cost advantages when it comes to storing huge data sets. Additionally, they also ensure effective and efficient business operations.
  • New Products & Services: The analytical tool used by big data companies help them to understand and analyze their customer-centric requirements, because of which they are able to give their customers what they want. 
  • Quick & Improved Decision Making: Big data and analytics systems help businesses to analyze information and make informed business decisions.

How is the Healthcare Industry Benefited by Big Data Tools & Applications?

Business houses across industries turn to Big Data Customer Analytics to improve their operational efficiency and cater to diversified customer needs and requirements, and the healthcare industry is no exception. Big data analytics in healthcare has helped the industry to become more efficient and productive than ever before.  Following are some of the key benefits that big data software and analytics has brought about in this sector of business:

Enhanced and Improved Patient Diagnosis with EHRs: With the introduction of big data tools and analytics, every patient has his/ her own Electronic Health Record (HER), which helps professionals to diagnose their patients more effectively and efficiently. This is one of the best and the most widespread applications of Big Data Analytics in healthcare.

Quick and efficient analysis of patient risk: The predictive analytic tool of big data systems and solutions identifies patients who are at high risk for diseases and suggests necessary intervention to protect them. This kind of prediction is helpful for chronic diseases.

Reducing overall healthcare costs: One of the biggest advantages of big data software and applications is that they help is curbing cost manifolds in various areas like staffing, admission rates, medication, etc.

Improved patient healthcare: Big data analytics tools give bigger and better insight into patient medical history, which in turn helps doctors in prescribing effective treatments and take perfect clinical decisions.

An Improved healthcare system with state-of-the-art fitness devices: People these days are more inclined to use several fitness products like Fitbit, and Apple Watch, etc., all of which record and track the physical fitness and activity levels of their users. This data is then used by professionals to understand and analyze the health of the overall population and plan wellness programs.

With so many phenomenal perceptions and efficiency available at the click of a button, business houses using Big Data Systems and Solutions will be the ones to flourish in the upcoming future. Today’s customers are smarter, demanding, tech-savvy, and most importantly they are empowered. And to connect with your target audience you must be innovative, engaging and most importantly personal – all of which has been made possible by Big Data Companies, their software tools, and applications. 


Jalpesh Shah

Big Data Architect

15+ years of experience working in multiple domains. I love to challenge myself with new technologies and suggest the best architecture as per the business requirement to my client.

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